Enhancing Skill Alignment Between Education & Industry

Redesigning key product workflows and interaction patterns to enable better skills alignment between educators and employers.

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Senior Product Designer
Enhancing Skill Alignment Between Education & Industry


Led the strategic redesign of key customer workflows in SkillsEngine's flagship SaaS product, Calibrate, to streamline and enhance the experience of aligning academic curriculum to in-demand industry job profiles, through a common skills language.

SkillsEngine had spent nearly 5 years developing the core ML/AI and data taxonomy behind their flagship product, Calibrate, however the engineer-led design system was reaching the limits of its ability to support evolving customer needs. Complex data and user flows combined with the product's introduction of entirely new user behaviors were creating a high burden on users and certain core workflows had become overly cumbersome as system data libraries continued to grow.

I was contracted (and then brought on as a team leader) by the SkillsEngine executive leadership team to collaborate with them to rethink and redesign key interactions and user flows to enhance educators' ability to align their curriculum with in-demand industry skills and jobs. Acting as the principal designer and working in collaboration with Product Management, Engineering, Customer Success and Executive Leadership, I crafted new user flows and implemented best practice design patterns across a variety of user interaction points successfully improving customer experience and user productivity/efficiency.


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