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Relaunching the Avatar Universe

Designing a community-driven content ecosystem and universe for the future of a film franchise.

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Director of CX Strategy
Relaunching the Avatar Universe


Led CX Strategy for the redesign of James Cameron's Avatar.com brand hub website experience and established a cohesive "in-universe" ecosystem strategy to unify and connect disparate franchise touch points through a single narrative storyline.

Collaborated with executive Creative and Production leadership team members to lead and oversee the end-to-end strategic planning, design and visioning process. To achieve our objectives we conducted an in-depth data-driven assessment of the customer experience, culture and brand ecosystem. Based on the insights gathered from our primary and secondary research, we designed a new in-universe digital ecosystem and community content engine to provide a foundation for launching new Avatar experiences including theme park experiences, films and other exclusives.

We worked hand-in-hand with the lead writers for the Avatar franchise to craft an extension of the existing film narrative to set the stage and stoke excitement for upcoming films. Ultimately, we successfully delivered a holistic web and media ecosystem strategy, design system and content framework to support the future expansion and success of the Avatar franchise.


  • Successfully delivered a comprehensive customer experience strategy and design system for the relaunch of the avatar film franchise
  • Collaborated with franchise narrative lead and studio executives to develop a vision and roadmap for the long-term development of a community-driven platform to engage fans
  • Provided new data-driven insights and recommendations for understanding the Avatar fan base and informing future CX investments
  • Launched the new multi-website "in-universe" experience to successfully support the launch of new Disney park features and exhibits

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