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Experiments with Encryption & Blockchain UX

A secure and anonymous crypto wallet and command center for professionals who put privacy first.





Co-creator / Product Designer
Experiments with Encryption & Blockchain UX


OmniKey is a hyper-secure crypto wallet and professional command center that fits in the palm of your hand and can be deployed on any device, securely, from anywhere in the world. Designed for professionals who prioritize privacy.

After successfully building and testing multiple functional device prototypes, we chose to archive the project due to the high potential of misuse/abuse of the device.


Popular cryptocurrency wallet solutions share a common security flaw — the people using them and the subsequent devices and internet connections they rely on to create, access and manage their encrypted files and finances.


Leveraging a combination of low-cost technologies, open source privacy tools and a white glove setup service experience, those persistent risks can be significantly minimized and a powerful suite of highly secure capabilities can be offered in plug-and-play, in-your-pocket format to professionals who need to prioritize privacy.


Using a custom-built air-gapped system and multilayered combination of privacy tools (including Tor, Tails and KeyBase among others) we designed and developed an encrypted privacy/wallet software package and mobile wallet generation workflow.

The devices could be plugged into any Android or PC/Mac device, booted and would then take over the device as a temporary instance, giving the user access to hardware capabilities and internet while maintaining a totally encrypted and secure connection. Once the user was done using the device all remnants are erased after removing the OmniKey.

Users would begin with a private, on-site, white glove wallet generation and setup training to get ensure they understand the nuances of crypto wallet management and privacy best practices. Users could request custom features and integrations prior to setup.


  • Successfully designed and produced a short run of functional prototype devices.
  • Tested and validate product concept.
  • Devices continue to be maintained and used to date.
  • Ultimately we chose to shutter the project due to the high risk of abuse of the device and the associated liabilities.

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