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SDZ Kids Digital CX Strategy & Redesign

Designing an online kids experience for the world's most famous zoo.

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Director of CX Strategy
SDZ Kids Digital CX Strategy & Redesign


Led CX Strategy and Research for the redesign of the San Diego Kids digital ecosystem and online learning experience. In 2016, SDZ engaged our team at RED Interactive to help them rethink their kids digital experience from the ground up.

It had been over 5+ years since their last website or digital enhancement and a lot had changed. Digital habits and expectations of kids had radically evolved and the Zoo's programming for kids had also grown significantly. In that time they had also not reassessed their organizational understanding of the target audience and what they needed. Finally, the website lacked a clear target audience and they needed help identifying the age range of kids to best target with content and design.

In order to develop a new foundation of audience understanding and generate the insights/data to inform our strategic redesign, we conducted in-depth primary and secondary research including a UX audit of existing experiences, focus groups with parents, kids and teachers, an on-site zoo visit, an executive design-thinking workshop, website analytics review, social and customer review data analysis, and customer surveys. Using the insights gathered in our research, we developed detailed customer profiles, journey maps, ecosystems, content strategy and a strategic engagement framework.

We then collaborated with our Creative team partners to translate our comprehensive customer experience strategy into a new mobile-first digital design system and content branding tool kit including the redesign of their .com website experience.




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