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Data Policies Designed for Humans

Empowering businesses to deliver a better customer experience through simple data policies designed for humans.
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BEACON is a social innovation company focused on data privacy and rights at the intersection of policy, research, innovation and human-centered design. Our flagship product, Pulse, is a web-based application for small business owners and startups to create and manage custom data policies that deliver a better customer experience through human-centered design.

As co-founder and (at the time) CEO of BEACON, my role was to lead the early MVP strategy, business plan modeling and product design/development. My business partner and co-founder, Joe Toscano, provided the data privacy thought leadership and product experience vision that guided the approach. To achieve our goals, I learned and implemented a variety of leading no-code tools including Webflow, Zapier, Integromat, Airtable and Memberstack to bring the foundational product experience and marketing website to life.

After successfully designing the baseline workflows and key user interaction points, I handed off the next round of product refinement to my co-founder and we brought on a senior developer to progress the product forward from Alpha to Beta and prepare for a private launch.

We are currently accepting sign ups for our Beta launch. Click here to learn more.


  • Successfully designed and developed v1 product MVP using no-code tools and automations
  • Designed and created v1 marketing website design and framework
  • Onboarded business partner and team collaborators to accelerate design and development
  • Collaborated with co-founder business partner to infuse data policy thought leadership and vision into product user experience and content
  • Developed foundational features, workflows and design patterns setting the stage for a successful Beta build

My Role

CEO / No-Code Product Developer







Joe Toscano, Co-Founder

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