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Cofounder & Product Designer
Data Policies Designed for Humans


BEACON was a data privacy company (cofounded with Joe Toscano in 2018) focused on technology innovation the intersection of policy, research and human-centered design. As part of our efforts to develop privacy-first products and services, we developed an MVP privacy policy generator/manager application using the latest no-code tools.

The objective of the application was to help small-medium sized businesses make privacy protection a customer experience competitive advantage by delivering a high quality, user-friendly privacy management experience. The tool made it easy for business owners to stay up to date with newest privacy standards while protecting themselves and making it clear to customers that their data protection is a business priority.

My role focused on leading early MVP no-code systems research, setup, proof of concept development and alpha product/website design.

Ultimately the company chose to pivot away from the B2C strategy and abandoned the privacy policy application. Although the application never reached the final phases of development or public launch, learning to develop a working no-code web application set the stage for evolving other work steams and expanded team capabilities.

Tools included:


  • Successfully designed and developed v1 product MVP using no-code tools and automations
  • Designed and created v1 marketing website design and framework
  • Onboarded business partner and team collaborators to accelerate design and development
  • Collaborated with co-founder business partner to infuse data policy thought leadership and vision into product user experience and content
  • Developed foundational features, workflows and design patterns setting the stage for a successful Beta build

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