Google Transparency Report Website Redesign

Developing a data-first design system for the world's leading data transparency and impact report.

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Associate Creative Director, Experience Design Director
Google Transparency Report Website Redesign


Led and oversaw the strategic redesign and ground-up overhaul of the design system for Google's Transparency Report website platform experience. Our team was brought in to collaborate with the Transparency Report leadership team as in-house creative consulting partners to lead the platform redesign.

The Google Transparency Report was the world's data transparency report and it set the tech industry standard for sharing data related to government requests for access to individuals' data. After many years of building out the data set and reporting standards, the platform experience was outdated and no longer reflected the best of Google design standards. Our team was tasked with creating a new responsive, data-first product design system to support the evolving reporting needs of the program into the future.

Ultimately, we successfully worked with the Google team to design, develop, test and implement a flexible new design system and data-first content strategy to enable better data transparency and lay the groundwork for further growth and expansion.


  • Crafted a new data-first design system for the world's leading data transparency report.
  • Partnered with the Transparency Report program and technology leadership teams to collaboratively craft and deliver a new comprehensive data-centric design system.
  • Took over leadership of the project in a state of crisis and collaborated with Production leads to overhaul creative direction and workflow to successfully deliver project.
  • Collaborated with R/GA design leadership across New York and San Francisco to successfully orchestrate design system planning and execution.
  • Created a flexible and accessible data-centric design system to improve overall site usability for target audiences.

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