1/1 NFT collection created for the OG community of individuals who fueled the fractionalized purchase of Damien Hirst's 2128, The Currency
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About the Project

As a follow on to the OURDOTS community NFT project, I wanted to created a second NFT collection to recognize the extra contribution and support given by the original 16 people who fueled the fractionalized PartyBid purchase of Damien Hirst's NFT artwork, 2128 "That doesn't sound too good" from The Currency on Heni.com.

The Concept

Use generative art AI to create a 1/1 collection that represents the generative nature of how each individual uniquely contributed to the project. To create the artworks I fed the original Damien Hirst 2128 piece through VQGAN+CLIP artificial intelligence. Each piece was generated from a unique "seed" number resulting in totally one of a kind art pieces for each person.

Seed = [unique to each individual]

Starting image = 2128 That doesn't sound too good, by Damien Hirst (JPG)

Target image = 2128 That doesn't sound too good, by Damien Hirst (JPG)

Input = "dots"

Style = "by Damien Hirst"

The Execution

To complete the airdrop I scraped an original log of the contributing wallet address from the OG group of community members. I then minted the collection on OpenSea using Polygon and transferred each NFT to the community members.

2128 That doesn't sound too good, by Damien Hirst


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